About Us



WattSun Energy India Private Limited is a 3P company, PEOPLE, PLANT and PROFIT. WattSun is South India’s First ISO 50001-2011 Energy Management Systems Certified Company. WATTSUN has established itself as a leader in its
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Our Vision

To create and to promote clean energy solutions, as a result providing a comfortable and luxurious life style to the society, through advanced technology. WattSun aims to deliver the worlds most reliable and cost-effective
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Our Mission

To reach all corners of the World to provide and to promote clean energy solutions with the help of advanced technology without compromise on Quality, Transparency and Trust, to our target customers. WattSun is committed
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Our Core Values

Quality, Transparency and Trust are our core values which bind us with our loyal customers. WattSun values customers at the centre of the business and believes in retention of customers through providing excellent
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Our Goals and Objectives

WattSun is committed to deliver comfortable and luxurious life to society therefore reaching to every corner of the World to provide an energy solution which is ideal for comfortable life and also clean and eco friendly
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People and Management

WattSun team of employees shares a common passion for accelerating the pace of global solar energy. Committed to fostering an equal opportunity environment in which diverse groups are included and supported. WattSun is proud
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