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KSEB solar power plant installation- procedure.

The world has been embracing renewable energy at an alarming pace. Among the many options, solar energy is the most reliable, clean, and sustainable renewable energy source today.Kerala has made significant strides in solar energy promotion in the last decade.Realizing the potential of solar energy, the Kerala State Electricity Board has been spearheading the movement.

Solar Panel Subsidy in Kerala, 2023

As the world reels under a dire energy crisis, we are on a marathon race to find alternative energy sources. In this context, renewable energy has been gaining traction like never before. Among the various sources of renewable energies, solar energy is emerging as the most promising one. Accordingly, to encourage the use of solar energy, the Indian government incentivizes solar plant installation through subsidies. For the time being, let’s discuss the solar panel subsidies in Kerala.

Top 10 Benefits of solar panel installation.

Are you wondering about the buzz surrounding solar panels? Or, have you observed a rise in the number of houses with rooftop solar panels? It is a clear sign that people are recognizing the potential of solar energy and taking steps with an eye toward the future. They invest in solar panels not only to save money but also to hand over a sustainable energy resource to their children.

Best Solar Installation Companies in Kerala.

Kerala appears to be embracing solar energy quickly. Harnessing the sun rays that fall on your rooftops and turning them into electricity saves you from fluctuating electricity bills. Moreover, solar energy is synonymous with sustainable energy that can cut energy costs significantly. The Kerala State Electricity Board, realizing the potential, gives a 40% subsidy for the installation of rooftop solar panels. However, the company you choose for installation determines the longevity and effectiveness of the solar panel installations. Now, let’s glance over Kerala’s top solar installation companies.