Research and Development


WattSun believes in Advanced Technology therefore, invests in Research and Developments. We have an exclusive R&D division with well experienced R&D Crew who understand latest and best technologies that need to be adapted for optimum Efficiency and Performance, while ensuring that they best suit Indian power conditions. Embedded systems have become the next inevitable wave of technology, finding application in diverse fields of engineering. WattSun aims to pursue excellence in embedded solution through quality engineering.

Solar Power Conditioning Unit

Off Grid Solar Power Conditioning Unit

Grid-tie Solar Power Conditioning Unit

Maximum power point tracking

Priority used in Solar Power Conditioning Units

Photo Voltaic (PV) Modules

Mono crystalline Silicon

Polycrystalline Silicon

Amorphous (Thin-Film) Silicon

Solar Battery

Exide Solatron Gel Battery (SMF Sealed Maintenance Free)

Exide Solar Tubular Battery