Residential Solutions

residentialToday’s solar photovoltaic power systems are light years ahead of those early designs and hap hazardous setups. The most modern systems use a method of sun exposure to generate electricity via semiconductors. Simple, direct exposure to the sun and its heat generate electrons that are then captured into the system and translated into electricity. The design can be used for a variety of things as small as powering a mobile phone to as large of a system as that needed to power your home.

Further, the cost of installing a solar photovoltaic system has come way down from previous years. Where a system would have cost in the neighborhood of $12 per watt of energy produced in 1998, it now costs a third of that price in 2013. That makes the system far more available and more affordable for the average homeowner. When tax credits from central and state government incentive programs are added on, the savings grow even bigger.

Solar electricity in 2013 is no longer an imaginary, fringe idea. With photoelectric cells and a solar electric panel system, a household can easily reduce its electricity consumption and realistically reverse its cost by generating more energy than the energy being consumed. As a result, every new homeowner should at least consider the potential of installing solar photovoltaic power in their home.

Product Range

Model: Splendid Home WS1KW4-5

Model: Splendid Home Plus WS2KW8-10

Model: Splendid Grand WS3KW12-15

Model: Splendid Grand Plus WS5KW20-24

Model: Splendid Multi Grand Plus WS7.5KW30-36