Solar and Non Solar Water Purifier

purifierProduct Key Features:

  • No chemicals used in purification.
  • Triple purification by RO + UV+UF.
  • In – built TDS Controller that allows adjustment of TDS
  • level of purified water.
  • Wall mounted design, best suited for Indian housing to prevent tampering.
  • Efficient removal of bacteria, viruses and micro- organisms

7 Stage Purification Process:

  • PP Filter (removes iron, rust or visible impurities)
  • Sediment Filter(reduces suspended solid in water)
  • Pre- carbon filter(reduces chlorine, color & odour)
  • RO membrane(reduces dissolved solids)
  • Post Carbon filter(restores natural taste of water)
  • UF (removes suspended solids and solutes of high molecular weight)
  • UV (provides double protection from harmful micro- organisms)