Solar Power Inverter

inverterSolar water pumping system consists of PV array, solar pump inverter and water pump.

Solar pump inverter with MPPT and varying frequency drive (VFD) will give maximum torque even at minimum sunlight. There is no need of any battery. Solar pump inverter directly drives the pump with high reliability.

The DSP based control will track & extract maximum power from the solar panel so that motor will run at a constant torque for the wide range of intensity of sunlight – morning till evening.This will give 35% extra energy which results in pumping 35% more water compared with the conventional three phase inverter. At the same time, it can reduce system cost and maintenance costs.


  • Adopting the dynamic VI maximum power point tracking (MPPT) control method.
  • Variable Frequency drive (VFD) to provide maximum torque with minimum sunlight.
  • No battery is required.
  • Conversion efficiency is upto 98% & high reliability.
  • Fast response and good stability.
  • Setting parameters through LCD display.

System protection

  • No starting box Required.
  • Water storage instead of power storage.
  • Pump can be directly connected to the drip irrigation system, fountain system.

Supports different types of pumps such as

  • Digital control with full automatic running, data storage and complete protective function.
  • Intelligent power module (IPM) for the main circuit with high reliability.

Metal case, LED display operating panel, in-line blocks; user friendly; convenient for

  • Automatic Water level control (Option of up and down water level detection and control circuit)
  • Protection level IP41.
  • Operating Temperature: -10 to +50?C.

System configuration through front panel keys & LCD

  • Password protection for system configuration.

Monitoring of data & performance through LCD display


  • Water supply for remote Villages & Homes
  • Irrigation of farms & Gardens
  • Wildlife watering
  • Fish ponds & Swimming pools
  • Surface water pumping for landscaping streams and waterfalls
  • Cattle, Livestock watering systems (animal husbandry )
  • Water supply for sea island
  • Water treatment projects
  • Alternate system for water supply to counter grid power outages