Solar Power Plant: A reason to choose for

Electricity, essential necessity for living

Electric power or electricity has become one of the most important requirement to improve our life style. Right from lighting to even electricity has become a very dependent source of energy. Due to ever increasing demand of energy and with less generation than requirement procuring electrical energy has become a very costly affair. Hence, non- conventional source of energy has come to the rescue. Out of the various forms of renewable energy solar energy has gained a wider visibility and acceptance worldwide as its most versatile.

Solar Power Plant

Light energy from the sun generates electrical energy which is harnessed using solar photovoltaic panels. These photovoltaic panels are generally made up of silicon materials which is widely available on earth’s surface in the form of sand.

Why Solar Power Plant??

Solar Photovoltaic Power plant is one of the most reliable and cost effective way to generate electrical energy rather than any other form of alternative source of energy. A simple pv system just consists of solar pv panels and dc loads.

Solar Roof Top Photovoltaic Systems

Here solar panels are mounted on the roof top of any buildings be it a flat/ sloppy roof top structure. Electrical energy generated this way can be utilized in two ways:

Off Grid Systems

Once this system is installed in the roof top the electrical energy generated during the day time can be stored in the batteries. These batteries are special type of batteries specifically designed to store the electrical energy generated from the sun. They are very different from the conventional batteries.


  • Cost effective
  • 24 x 7 connected with electricity
  • More reliable than grid


  • Expensive than On- Grid System
  • Battery requires maintenance
  • Checking of distilled water at regular intervals
  • Battery bank needs to be replaced after few years

On- Grid Systems

Here the system is directly connected with the existing utility grid. During the day the excess generated is directly exported to the grid. These type of systems doesn’t use batteries. Hence during the night the electrical energy is imported from the utility grid. The energy imported and exported from the grid is recorded in a bidirectional meter. The existing energy meter is replaced with a bidirectional/ net meter for this sole purpose. At the month end the imported and the exported energy is calculated and the consumer only needs to pay for the imported energy if any. Generally the exported energy is always higher than the imported ones. In such cases the consumer is liable to obtain special benefits from the utility grid.


  • Less Expensive
  • Low Maintenance


  • Completely grid dependent
  • No storage
  • No energy can be exported or imported during power failure.
  • Installation of a Solar Power Plant System is a one-time investment with high credibility. The benefits of such a system can be relished lifelong. The struggle arises when a consumer wants to install such a plant. We here at WattSun Energy are specialized to provide you with enormous information and knowledge. It helps you to understand which kind of system suits your requirement the best. Being in this field for a couple of years we have equipped ourselves in providing you with the best cost effective customized solutions for residential, commercial and industrial establishments.